“According to my son

  you are a magic-maker!!

  No kidding”

      --email from an anonymous parent (see our privacy policy)

What makes Mike Barrett so unique as a test-prep tutor? "It's really no mystery," he says. "Just years of experience gained from working with--and listening to--some of the most accomplished students and exclusive partners in the world."

  • 1. One grateful parent wrote: “According to my son you are a magic-maker!! No kidding.” (She was writing to register her daughter for tutoring.)

  • 2. Mike studied Linguistics and wrote his thesis on phonological word boundaries in Russian. His study of language systems taught him to grasp the unwritten rules that can make tests seem so hard.

  • 3. A crucial component of Mike's approach to standardized testing is fun: you learn more when you're having fun. Parents often thank him for helping their children enjoy test prep.

  • 4. Mike has worked with thousands of clients in a variety of formats, including videos, phone calls, seminars, and face-to-face tutoring. Everything he teaches is informed by this prolific career.

  • 5. Unlike most tutors, courses, and books, Mike teaches you to consider every part of a test item, sometimes down to a period in a math question. He says every aspect of testing can be strategized.

  • 6. Most companies make up fake questions for their students, but Mike only works with real ones. This way, you know you won't waste your time prepping for things that aren't tested—or get blindsided by something that is.

  • 7. Unlike most tutors and teachers, Mike works with you on every section of the tests he teaches. He can always explain anything you'll

  • ever see on an official test, and he helps you understand them just as thoroughly.

  • 8. Mike has loved games his whole life, and often describes his approach to standardized tests in terms of things like soccer, MarioKart, or checkers. This unorthodox style resonates with students.

  • 9. After her child’s 2380 on the SAT, one mom wrote, "Honestly in the beginning, I was not sure how your tutoring of just a few hours can help A. I see many of A's friends taking prep courses over and over, in summer, winter break etc. But I think all A needed was your help...I was still not convinced after the first hours...but...you told A that he does not need it any more!" Mike knows his job is to prepare you as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • 10. Mike has studied fencing with Olympic gold medalists, and was a saber coach for the University of Florida’s club. He and his fencers have medalled at the local, state, sectional, collegiate, and national levels. His years of coaching help him create uniquely effective prep exercises for you.

  • 11. Mike knows that being a good teacher means remembering how to learn, so he always strives to be a student. He studies tap-dancing, rock-climbing, computer programming, chess, and foreign languages, and keeps his own fresh experiences as a learner in mind while helping

  • you learn to score high on your tests.

  • 12. Mike wrote the first white paper in the test prep industry, helping to solidify his position as a thought leader in the field.

    1. 13. There are 3 ways you can work with Mike:
    2. Online video courses, with members-only forums:
      1. One course covers the SAT, ACT, and PSAT for $297. (click to learn more or sign up)
      2. One covers the ISEE and SSAT for $297. (click to learn more or sign up)
      3. Mike offers a video course for the LSAT for $147. (click to learn more or sign up)
    3. Phone tutoring
      1. Mike offers phone tutoring for SSAT, PSAT, ACT, ISEE, and SAT for $350/hr (click to apply)
      2. He offers phone tutoring for the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE for $500/hour (click to apply)
    4. Face-to-face tutoring
      1. Mike offers one-on-one tutoring for clients anywhere in the world. Rates start at $6,300 (plus travel) for a weekend (arriving Friday, leaving Monday). Any unique requirements can be accommodated. (click to apply)